I am a director, photographer, art director, prop maker, below average cook, plant based food lover, lifelong learner and primarily a human being. Please feel free to browse my work and have a look at my showreel.


If you like my work and you think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, feel free to contact me.  And if you are thirsty for more content or longing for connection, you are able to find or follow or stalk me over the following platforms:

Crew United - Find more information about my projects and the people I collaborate with.

Vimeo - It's like YouTube but without pre rolls and mid rolls and post rolls. And no springrolls.

Tumblr - On my diary I collect private photographic and graphic findings I run across in my everyday life.

Behance - A(dobes) portfolio network, where I also publish photography and design work.

Instagram - Weekly posts and stories. That's the deal.

LinkedIn - If you like it more formal. I'm not wearing a suit though.

Xing - Siehe LinkedIn, nur halt auf Deutsch. Muttersprachler!


Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt International
Bemusement Park, GB
Pause Festival, Melbourne, Australia
VILLAGE GREEN arts and music festival, Southend
International Literature Festival, Barcelona
Bilderwerfer, Wiesbaden
Lift-Off Festival,
Mannheim Arts & Film Festival, Honorable Mention
PL Music Video Awards, Important Message
Pigdon Street International Film Festival, Melbourne


Well, there's really not much more to say. and after all these great links and show-off information either you are hooked or not. I'm happy to hear what you think. If you like, you can just go back to where you came from and start all over again. Kind regards, D.



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